Discover the most amazing information about the Earth with Factsmania's A-Z encyclopedia of Interesting Facts about Geography for Kids which look closely at the physical features of Earth, the population, climate change, the atmosphere, the environment and human activity, and how animal and human life is affected by our planet.

On our journey of Planet Earth, we will discover important information and facts about Geography in every continent of the world. We'll look in depth at the deserts, rainforests, grasslands, forests, tundra biomes, oceans, rivers, mountains, earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, natural disasters and weather conditions of North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and Antarctica.

Interesting Facts about Geography for Kids:- Discover amazing facts about Planet Earth with our information on geography for kids. With clear definitions and summaries, we have simplified our facts to help children understand the formation of our planet and the arrangement of the earth's features which bring human and physical geography together.

Interesting Facts about Geography for Kids:- Our A-Z of Interesting Facts for Kids are provided on free, printable geography fact sheets which are readymade and easy to print. Our Factsheets are suitable for school teachers and students, and may be used as a guide, or for homework help or a fun geography worksheet for kids. Please select from the links below to discover a world of Interesting Geography Facts for Kids:

Interesting Facts about Geography for Kids

Interesting Facts about Geography for Kids:- World Biomes: Our Geography fact sheets include interesting information about biomes of the world for kids. A biome can be defined as a large area of the earth's surface where a natural, major habitat has occurred, for example, within a rainforest, aquatic, desert, grassland, forest or tundra biome. Our geography facts focus on the formation of biomes and how animals are able to change and adapt to the climate and environment of the ecosystem in which they live.

Interesting Facts about Geography for Kids:- Natural Disasters: One of the most Interesting Facts about Geography is the random occurrence of natural disasters and the reasons why and how they occur. The Earth has faced many major disasters which occur naturally throughout the world, and often cause devastation. Natural disasters include floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, landslides, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, cyclones and other types of violent storms. Find out how natural disasters affect the human population and the planet with our Geography Facts for Kids which are printable for free and may be used as homework help or as activity sheets for teachers and school children.

Interesting Facts about Geography for Kids:-
Oceans: Explore the five oceans of the Earth; the Pacific, Southern, Arctic, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans with our Interesting Geography Facts for Kids. As we explore the most amazing facts about the Earth's oceans, kids will discover fun facts such as where they are located and which countries and continents they surrounds, who discovered the oceans, how big they are and how much of the planet's surface they make up, how deep the oceans are, what the weather and temperature is like, and what animals and fish live in them.

Interesting Facts about Geography for Kids:- Mountains: Discover key facts and interesting information with our fun geography fact sheets about mountains for kids and teachers. With information about the tallest mountains on Earth, Factsmania allows children to explore information freely about Mount Everest, Mauna Kea, K2, Kangchenjunga, Lhotse, Makalu, Cho Oyu, as well as the Earth's biggest mountain ranges such as the Andes, the Alpes, Himalyas, Karakoram, Rocky Mountains, and Hindu Kush. Kids can learn interesting mountain facts including their height, location, weather conditions, temperature, formation and age.

Interesting Facts about Geography for Kids:- Rivers: The Earth's rivers create naturally flowing waterways across the surface of our planet towards other bodies of water including the sea, lakes and rivers. Discover interesting geography facts about the two longest rivers in the world; The Nile River and the Amazon River including information about flooding, how they were formed, where they start and end, which countries they flow through, and facts about the importance of our world's rivers.

Interesting Facts about Geography for Kids:- Global Warming: Find out important facts about global warming for kids including a clear definition and summary about the causes of global warming and what we can do to help save the future of our planet. Find out how human activity has contributed towards climate change and why increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide caused by fossil fuels is so damaging to the earth's atmosphere. Our interesting fact sheets can be printed for free and used as a guide for teachers, a fun geography worksheet or homework help for school children.

Interesting Facts about Geography for Kids:- Deserts: The world's hot and cold deserts make up approximately one third of the Earth's surface. The biggest deserts on Earth include the Sahara Desert in Africa, the Antarctica, the Arabian Desert in Western Asia, the Gobi Desert in Central Asia and the Kalahari Desert in Southern Africa. Our interesting geography facts for kids cover the most important information about deserts including their size, formation, geographical location, rainfall, temperature, climate conditions, animal and plant species, and type for example cold winter, subtropical or cool coastal.

Interesting Facts about Geography for Kids:- Tropical Rainforests: Explore the world's rainforests with out interesting geography facts for kids from the depths of South America to the forests of Australia, Asia, Europe and North America. We'll discover some of the most amazing facts about the Amazon Rainforest in South American; the biggest tropical rainforest on earth, including where it is located, what defines a rainforest, how a rainforest is formed and how many layers it consists of, what type of animals live in the rainforest and how they adapt to their habitat and environment, and what types of trees and plant species grow in the rainforest.

Interesting Facts about Geography for Kids:- Tundra: A tundra biome can be defined as a vast, treeless area where the subsoil is permanently frozen. The world's biggest tundra is located in the Arctic. Find out where the Earth's tundra biomes are located, which plant species and animals are found in the tundra and how they manage to survive harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures. Our geography fact sheets are printable for free and provide ideal worksheets or homework help to school children and teachers.

Interesting Facts about Geography for Kids:- Grassland Biomes: Factsmania provides a fun geography fact guide to children and school teachers about geography, and in particular, different types of biomes including grassland which can be defined as a naturally occurring area where the vegetation is dominated mainly by grasses. Discover important information about grasslands including their geographical locations, which animal species live in grasslands and the adaptations they have to make in order to survive in their environment. Our lists of geography facts are ideal for school children and teachers, and may be printed for free.

Interesting Facts about the Geography for Kids:- Earthquakes: An earthquake is a disaster that occurs naturally as a result of movements within the earth's crust. Earthquakes are very destructive and often have devastating and long-lasting effects on areas and the human population. Our geography facts for kids provide clear definitions of words associated with earthquakes such as tectonic plates, crust, lava, magma, faults, epicenter, focus. Factsmania offers simple explanations to help kids understand how and why earthquakes occur across the world with our geography facts.

Interesting Facts about the Geography for Kids:- Volcanoes: Children can learn interesting geography facts about volcanoes with our free, printable geography fact sheets including how and why a volcanic eruption occurs, what the difference is between lava and magma, where most of the world's active volcanoes are located, what causes a volcano to erupt and what effects this type of disaster causes.

Interesting Facts about the Geography for Kids:- Tsunamis: Our Earth has experienced many tsunamis throughout history. One tsunami,  remembered by many, happened on December 26, 2004 and became known as the Boxing Day Tsunami. It was caused by an earthquake under the Indian Ocean that measured 9.1 on the Richter scale and consequently triggered a series of tsunamis that killed thousands of people and devastated entire buildings and areas. The massive waves generated from this particular tsunami measured up to 15m high and surged through areas on the coastlines of Thailand, India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. Discover important geography facts about tsunamis for kids including how, why and where tsunamis occur.

Interesting Facts about Geography for Kids:- Types of Weather: Our printable geography fact sheets can act as a useful guide to teachers and students, or as homework help for children. Factsmania has compiled a list of interesting facts about some of the world's most violent storms including hurricanes, cyclones, tornadoes, snow blizzards and windstorms. Children can find out interesting information about some of the biggest storms on Earth including Hurricane Katrina and Typhoon Tip with our interesting facts about geography for kids.

Interesting Facts about Geography for Kids

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