Learn some of the most important facts about climate change including evidence of occurrences across the world, and the main causes and reasons that climate change is happening. Discover the effects of climate change and how the human population can help to prevent it. Explore the most important facts and information about the history of climate change, and why it severely threatens the future of planet Earth.

Factsmania provides printable facts for kids about Climate Change with clear definitions, explanations, summaries of the main causes, effects and preventions that can be implemented to help reduce Climate Change and its devastating consequences. Discover the primary cause of Climate Change and what scientists predict will happen if we don't urgently address the growing situation which poses serious risk to the Earth.

Interesting Climate Change Facts for Kids:- Learn key Climate Change facts and interesting information about why this potentially devastating problem exists, how we can help prevent Climate Change, what the Climate Change solutions are, what the primary causes of Climate Change are, and why climate change prevention is so important to the future of our planet.

Interesting Climate Change Facts for Kids:- Factsmania's Interesting Climate Change Facts for kids are printable and may assist as a helpful guide for teachers or activity worksheet for school children. Together we can make a difference, together we can help save our planet and reduce the effects of Climate Change!

Interesting Facts about Climate Change for Kids

Interesting Facts for Kids 1:- Climate change definition and meaning
Climate change can be defined as the distribution of the weather patterns all around the globe, lasting over long periods of time from decades to millions of years. We may also refer to climate change as the change in the average weather conditions occurring over extended time periods.

Interesting Facts for Kids 2:- What causes climate change?
There are many causes of climate change including the biological cycles and processes, change in the intensity of the solar radiations which fall on earth, volcanic activities and eruptions and changes in the movements of plates. There are various mundane activities which can also be identified as main causes which impact climate change directly. The common term that refers to the effects produced by climate change is global warming.

Interesting Facts for Kids 3:- What are the natural causes of climate change?
Basically, the temperature is defined by the balance of the radiations which fall from the sun on the Earth and the ones which return back to Earth. The energy which falls on Earth is distributed over the surface of Earth by means of winds, ocean waves and by other mechanisms such as reflection and refraction. All these procedures play their part in raising the temperature of the surface of the Earth, therefore, increasing the effects of climate change.

Interesting Facts for Kids 4:- Climate Change Forcing Mechanisms
There are certain causes which affect climate change on earth and these are known as the forcing mechanisms. These forcing mechanisms constitute of the certain mechanisms like solar radiations, continental drift, building of mountains, changes in gas concentrations and building of greenhouse effect. A categorization of the forcing factors is as follows: There are both the internal as well as external forcing factors which cause climate change.

Interesting Facts for Kids 5:- Climate Change Internal Forcing Mechanisms
The internal forcing mechanisms are: Changes occurring in the weather conditions which are both short term as well as long term changes like fluctuations in oscillation of Arctic, Pacific, North Atlantic and El Nino Southern plates, changes in the ocean processes.
Life plays a role by affecting the alter cycle, carbon cycle and also expedites the procedure of weathering, thereby affecting the climate.

Interesting Facts for Kids 6:- Climate Change External Forcing Mechanisms
Among the external forcing mechanisms, following notable mechanisms are included: The most important factor is the changing solar output. Recently the amount of radiations received by Earth from the sun has surpassed the ones which reflect back from the Earth, thereby increasing the net temperature of the surface of Earth.

Interesting Facts for Kids 7:- Milankovitch Cycles
There are three kinds of orbital variations of Earth including eccentricity, rotation around its axis and precession of the Earth’s axis. These entire movements combine together to produce a series of cycles called the Milankovitch Cycles.

Interesting Facts for Kids 8:- What are the effects of climate change?
There are some definite and long term effects of climate change which are evident in different continents of the world. An overview of the effects produced by climate change is as follows:
Fact: There has been a rise in temperature which is not uniform and it has also been contributed by the human induced warming of the environment.
Fact: There is an overall change in the frequency of precipitation, earthquakes, sea level and other climatic factors which speak of the effects of climate change.
Fact: As the rising of global temperature due to human activities is much pronounced, as compared to the natural climatic changes, the rise in temperature is not uniform all over the Earth.
Fact: The lengths of growing seasons have increased over the past few decades. The largest increases are observed in the Western part of the United States.

Interesting Facts for Kids 9:- Where is the ice melting in relation to global warming?
A variety of sources confirm the occurrence of climate change, and different procedures and mechanisms happening on the Earth also confirm that climate change is evident. Evidence of climate change has been obtained from the careful observation and study of glaciers, ice cores, changes in vegetation and changes in sea level.

Interesting Facts for Kids 10:- Glaciers
Due to the variation in temperatures and important factors such as precipitation, the formation and melting of glaciers is a process that has been seriously affected by climate change. As a result, the glacial geology has changed and the rate of melting glaciers has exceeded the rate of their formation.

Interesting Facts for Kids 11:- Loss of ice in the arctic sea
A decline has been observed in the ice content of the Arctic Sea. The layers of ice present in this part of the world have decreased in both thickness and expanse. Much of the Arctic ice has melted and added to the ocean water. Normally, Arctic sea ice remains there for the whole year but the Antarctic sea ice forms and melts every year. However, fluctuations in this natural process have become evident and have been observed over the past decades.

Interesting Facts for Kids 12:- Change in vegetation
A notable change in the distribution, type and coverage of vegetation has also been observed as a result of climate change. This is because in some parts of the world, precipitation has increased while in other parts it has decreased, thereby affecting the plant growth.

Interesting Facts for Kids 13:- What is global climate change?
Global climate change is also referred to as global warming. It is defined as the recent rise in the average temperature of the globe. The main reason for this rise in the Earth’s temperature is the increase in concentration of the greenhouse gases.

Interesting Facts for Kids 14:- 10 Facts about Climate Change:

Fact 1: Climate Change is the distribution of the weather patterns across the world, lasting over long periods of time from decades to millions of years.
Fact 2: We can all help to prevent climate change from happening i.e. using renewable energy sources.
Fact 3: Increase in atmospheric heat has been absorbed by the oceans  -the sea level is rising as a result.
Fact 4: 2015 was recorded as the hottest year on record.
Fact 5: As the temperatures are rising, ice and glaciers are melting in the Antarctica, thus increasing the sea levels. This poses a grave risk to cities as they could submerge under the rising sea levels.
Fact 6: Rising sea levels have the potential to displace almost 100 million people living near the coast. Major cities like London and New York may become submerged under the rising sea levels along with several islands.
Fact 7: The shift in the rainfall patterns is also leading to droughts, forest fires, etc. in many areas across the world. In some areas, rising temperatures and lack of rainfall are causing desertification.
Fact 8: The spread of diseases like malaria, and Zika are due to the warming temperatures.
Fact 9: The melting of ice caps will make the Northwest Passage above North America navigable.
Fact 10: The Sahara Desert is becoming green, and the Amazon is turning into a desert.

Interesting Facts for Kids 15:- How to prevent climate change
Geologists and ecologists are working hard to educate people all over the world about the causes and effects of climate change. They strive to teach important facts about climate change which are putting planet Earth in serious danger. Climate change is a serious issue and if it continues to go unchecked like this, it will likely result in the destruction of the Earth and therefore of the human race. Therefore, the world’s population must pull together and take necessary steps in order to reduce and prevent the procedure of climate change. Here are some of the things that we can do to help prevent climate change:
Use energy sources efficiently
Use less heat producing light bulbs such as fluorescent bulbs; unplug electrical appliances when they are not being used.
Choose to operate renewable power sources
There are many sources of renewable energy including solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy and energy from waves which produce energy efficiently and can be used again and again without polluting the environment. It is better to switch to these energy sources than to use conventional energy sources.
Polluters should be made to pay fines
Perhaps fines should be introduced to countries, cities or individuals who are majorly responsible for raising the carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere. This will influence their decision to switching to more energy efficient sources in future, therefore helping to prevent climate change from happening.

Interesting Facts for Kids 16:- How does climate change affect animals?
A lot of changes have been observed with the study of the effects of climate changes on the animal kingdom. One of the most common examples has been observed in beetle species which used to be found in freshwater as well as on land in varying seasons. Lichens are a major indicator of climate change as evidence shows that their population has reduced as they can only survive in cold and undisturbed environments. Another major cause for the decline of animal species is evident from the changes observed in the productivity of plants which has directly or indirectly affected animals.

Interesting Facts for Kids 17:- How real is climate change?
There are various arguments given by scientists who are convinced that climate change is happening. Here are some of the arguments supporting the occurrence of climate change:
Argument 1: The sea level is rising all over the world as a result of climate change. This is due to ice glaciers and ice caps melting at a faster rate and also due to the changes in content of gases accumulating in sea.
Argument 2: Over the past three centuries, tracking of the global atmospheric temperatures has resulted in a steady increase being observed during this era.
Argument 3: The increase in atmospheric heat has been absorbed by the oceans and as a result the sea level is rising.

Interesting Facts for Kids 18:- Unusual Facts about climate change
Some very unusual facts about climate change have been recorded over the past few decades. The following information lists important results which are likely attributed to climate change:
Fact: On average the deaths caused due to disasters relating to changing weather conditions and patterns reached 600,000 in 1990s. Out of this toll, about 95 percent of deaths were in developing countries.
Fact: 2015 was recorded as the hottest year on record as of 2015.
Fact: The Glacier National Park in Montana had 150 glaciers recorded in 1910. The amount of glacier in this region has significantly reduced as a result of climate change and now there are only 25 remaining.
Fact: We mostly refer to climate change as the increasing temperatures but in some parts of the world, reverse mechanisms have also happened. For example, on one side of the world, the Amazon Rainforest is converting to desert land while on the other side, the Sahara Desert is becoming greener every year.

Interesting Climate Change Facts for Kids

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