Discover interesting facts about the history of Earth Day, why it is celebrated and how we can contribute towards making our planet a cleaner and safer environment to live in. Learn important information and interesting facts about World Earth Day and why more than 193 countries are joining together to fight pollution and emphasize the fact that human activity threatens the future of our planet.

Factsmania has compiled a printable list of facts about World Earth Day for kids with detailed information about events, activities and contributions made by children and adults on this important day. Find out interesting facts and info including how Earth Day began, which country celebrated Earth Day first, who founded Earth Day, who designed a flag to mark the event, the importance and purpose of Earth Day.

Interesting Earth Day Facts for Kids:- Learn key facts and interesting information about Earth Day including where it is celebrated, where to plant a tree, when the Paris Climate agreement was signed by Barack Obama and Xi Jinping, how many countries celebrate Earth Day, why the event was created and why Earth Day is important to the future of our planet.

Interesting Earth Day Facts for Kids:- Our free World Earth Day facts for kids offer an ideal guide or printable fun fact sheet for teachers and children. Factsmania would like to wish people across the world a very Happy Earth Day on April 22nd. Keep up the good work - together, we can make a difference!

Interesting Facts about Earth Day for Kids

Interesting Facts for Kids 1:- What is Earth Day?
Earth Day is an annual event that is celebrated on April 22nd every year in countries all over the world. Basically, we celebrate Earth Day in order to mark the worldwide demonstration of support for protection of the environment. Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970 on April 22nd, the same date it is celebrated today. For the first time in history, it was celebrated in the United States of America when more than 20 million people gathered in schools, colleges and universities to help save our planet. Now Earth Day is celebrated in over 193 countries of the world.

Interesting Facts for Kids 2:- When is Earth Day?
Earth Day is celebrated in countries across the world on April 22nd every year. It has a fixed date and is celebrated annually. On Earth Day, participants and people included in the celebrations mark their services to the Earth in their own unique ways. Usually, Earth Day is celebrated during the day and is marked by various fun activities to help clean and save our planet. Children and adults across the world celebrate World Earth Day by planting trees in different places including urban and rural areas. The planting of trees across the world is a positive action towards saving our planet. It is also important to clean up the motherland and people can help to do this by clearing up trash.  It is then followed by the conductance of programs to eradicate pollution and to recycle goods such as paper, glass and metal.

Interesting Facts for Kids 3:- When was the first Earth Day?
A conference was held by UNESCO in 1969 based on the agenda of saving the Earth and eradicating pollution. In that conference, peace activist, John McConnell, proposed a celebration day in honor of the Earth and to connote it with the concept of peace as well. John McConnel proposed the date of March 21st, 1970 for the celebration of Earth Day. This day was proposed in order to coin the beginning of spring season with the celebration and honoring of Earth. However, one month later American Senator Gaylord Nelson founded Earth Day. After that, Earth Day has been celebrated throughout the whole world unanimously.

Interesting Facts for Kids 4:- Why do we celebrate Earth Day?
April 22nd is Earth Day, an important celebration across the world for many people, the day also marks the celebration of the birth of an environmental movement which began in 1970 when a rally was conducted in America and a lot of people gathered to fight the menace of pollution, pesticide usage, toxicity and other environmental issues that are often neglected by the human race. As a result of this, environment protection organizations were activated and joined hands together to inspire people across the world to fight against pollution and save the Earth.

Interesting Facts for Kids 5:- How did Earth Day start?
Earth Day started as a result of a huge gathering in the United States, in which 20 million Americans joined hands and gathered to mark April 22nd as a day in which the human race could contribute towards saving and protecting planet Earth from pollution. There was another event that was related with this celebration and that was the death of Jimi Hendrix. After the first Earth Day, war broke out in Vietnam and students across America started opposing this important event.

Interesting Facts for Kids 6:- Check out the following 10 Earth Day Facts:
Fact 1: There is a body named 'Earth Day Network' that organizes Earth Day each year.
Fact 2: The founder of Earth Day is Senator Gaylord Nelson, who was presented with a presidential award in recognition of his services.
Fact 3: Denis Hayes played an important role in making Earth Day an international event.
Fact 4: Millions of students and volunteers gather on Earth Day to help save our planet. Together, countries across the world unite to clear garbage, plant trees and sweep streets across towns.
Fact 5: America was the first country to celebrate Earth Day in 1970.
Fact 6: Nations across the world gathered in 2016 to sign the Paris Climate Agreement.
Fact 7: An American peace activist named John McConnell designed the Earth Day Flag in 1969.
Fact 8: It is important to plant trees on Earth Day - the world's forests are 'the lungs of the Earth' as they provide around 20% of our planet's oxygen!
Fact 9: The term 'carbon footprint' describes the total amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere as a result of human activity
Fact 10: There are dead zones across our world's oceans where oxygen levels are so low, life doesn't exist at all! These spots are also known as Hypoxic Zones - hypoxia has been known to kill huge numbers of fish.

Interesting Facts for Kids 7:- Why was Earth Day created?
Basically, the World Earth Day event is celebrated annually in order to celebrate the well-being of our environment. It endeavors to raise public awareness of pollution including the effects and hazards that pollution imposes on the Earth and its residents as well. This day was invented in 1970 and has since become a very important event that is observed in over 193 countries across the world. A lot of rallies take place, and conferences and meetings are held in order to eradicate pollution and discourage the acts of garbage throwing openly, cutting of trees and to encourage recycling. In addition to this, reminders of various cleaning projects are also passed. This day is also coined as an important day in history as the Environmental Protection Agency contributed towards the Earth protection movements.

Interesting Facts for Kids 8:- Why is Earth Day important?
We have been blessed with a magnificent planet to live in. Our planet is known as the 'Blue Planet' because of the abundance of water on its surface. Our Earth provides a wonderful place for humans and animals to live as it experiences various seasons and generally moderate weather. We have a variety of fruits, crops and vegetables to enjoy. We are blessed with mountains, oceans, rivers and lakes. Our planet provides everything we need but it is in serious danger because of human action. It is high time to spread awareness throughout the globe so that everyone can appreciate the importance of our planet and the purpose of Earth Day. We need to encourage one another to help make our planet clean and safe. We need to educate people about the impact of our actions and the dangers we impose upon the future of our planet if we do not make positive changes rapidly.

Interesting Facts for Kids 9:- Where is Earth Day celebrated?
Earth Day is celebrated in more than 193 countries in the world. Earth Day activities, projects and events generally take place in parks, public places, schools and civil societies. An endeavor is made to bring people from all fields of life together and encourage their participation in saving the Earth. In many countries, children are being educated and guided about the impact of human actions on the environment. People are encouraged through print and electronic media to come forward and join the world's biggest campaign to save the Earth on this important day.

Interesting Facts for Kids 10:- Where to plant a tree for Earth Day
The best part of Earth Day is that everyone can make a difference. One of the best contributions that people can make on Earth Day is to plant a tree in their vicinity. Every year we are losing billions of trees due to fires, deforestation or commercial purposes -  far more than we are replacing. We need to add as many plants and trees to our world's ecosystem to keep it healthy and self-sustained, and to ensure the future existence and survival of life. Areas which are victim of deforestation need to pay special attention and people should be encouraged to visit these places for plantation drive.

Interesting Earth Day Facts for Kids

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