Paraguay Flag Facts

Paraguay Facts
The history of the National Flag of Paraguay is very interesting as its design was inspired by France's flag whose colors are representative of the bloodshed and sacrifices made during the French Revolution. One of the most unusual facts about Paraguay's flag is that the obverse and reverse sides feature different designs; the obverse shows the national coat of arms of Paraguay and the state's name 'Republica del Paraguay', and the reverse features a golden lion and the country's national motto 'Paz y Justicia'.

Paraguay Facts
Paraguay is the fifth smallest country out of the twelve countries of South America. It can be described as a landlocked country that shares its borders with three countries: Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil. Paraguay is located in central South America where it spans across a total area of 406,752 km sq. The country's central position on the continent has earned it the name 'El Corazon de America', meaning the heart of America.

Paraguay Facts
Paraguay has an overall population of approximately 6.7 million people. Most of its people live around Paraguay's capital city, and largest city, known as Asuncion. The main languages spoken across the population are Spanish and Guarani. The geography of Paraguay is very interesting as around 60% of its land is dominated Gran Chaco; a natural arid subtropical region consisting of forests, savannas, scrubland and marshes. These regions are sparsely populated.

National Flag of Paraguay *** Date Adopted: 1842 *** Style of Flag: Triband Design *** Flag Description: Three horizontal stripe featuring the Coat of Arms of Paraguay central to its design (Obverse), Golden Lion central to its design (Reverse) *** Flag Colors: Red, White and Blue *** Flag Use: National Flag, State and Ensign

Paraguay Flag Facts

  1. Interesting Facts for Kids 1: Paraguay Flag
    The National Flag of Paraguay was adopted in 1842 and can be described as a triband flag design composed of three equally sized horizontal bands that run the colors of red, white, and blue from top to bottom.

  2. Interesting Facts for Kids 2: Paraguay Flag
    The colors used on the design of the flag of Paraguay are similar to those used on the flag of France, and the purpose behind the colors chosen came from the French Revolution and the sacrifices that were made for liberty, freedom and independence.

  3. Interesting Facts for Kids 3: Paraguay Flag
    One of the most interesting facts about the flag of Paraguay is that it features different designs on either side. The obverse side features Paraguay’s national coat of arms representing this South American country’s fight for independence, and the reverse side of the flag features the seal of the treasury which is representative of liberty, peace and justice

  4. Interesting Facts for Kids 4: Paraguay Flag
    Inspired by the French National Flag, the horizontal tricolour flag of Paraguay is one of the only three flags to feature different designs on its obverse and reverse sides

  5. Interesting Facts for Kids 5: Paraguay flag
    The coat of arms of Paraguay symbolizes the long-lasting independence of this South American country. Before the current national flag was finalized, the previous national flag from 1811, was colored navy blue and featured a six-pointed star on the top left corner of its design. The second provisional flag was introduced in 1811 and can be described as having a tricolor design consisting of three horizontal stripes running green, white, and blue from top to bottom. The third provisional flag, also a tricolor design, was initiated from 1811 to 1812 and used the colors maroon, golden, and navy blue.

  6. Interesting Facts for Kids 6: The Coat of Arms of Paraguay (Obverse Design of Flag)
    The design of the Coat of Arms of Paraguay, on the observe, composes a white circular background featuring a five pointed golden/yellow star at its center. Two olive branches appear on the Coat of Arms; one on the left of the star, and one on its right. The name of the country, 'Repulica del Paraguay' is written in capital letters, and surrounds the central emblem which depicts the star and olive branches.

  7. Interesting Facts for Kids 7: The Coat of Arms of Paraguay (Reverse Design of Flag)
    The Coat of Arms of Paraguay, on the reverse, is formed by a white circular background with a golden lion central to its design. The lion is positioned in front of the staff and a red Phrygian cap. The Phrygian cap, also known as a liberty cap, has symbolized liberty and freedom throughout history, and features on various coats of arms of Republics, normally in place of a crown. The national motto of Paraguay, 'Paz y Justicia', which means 'Peace and Justice', surrounds the emblem of the golden lion. The use of capitalization enhances the letters of the words on the design of the coat of arms, making them stand out prominently.