The Eiffel Tower is an iconic structure which has become one of the most famous landmarks in the history of the world. Positioned in the Parc du Champs de Mar and standing prominently at 324 meters tall over the city of Paris, the Eiffel Tower is France's biggest tourist attraction, and sees millions of visitors eager to reach the top of the tower, year upon year, to experience some of the most stunning views of Paris by day or night.

Factsmania has covered some of the most important information and interesting facts about the Eiffel Tower for Kids with facts about the history of the wrought iron lattice structure, who designed it, who was head architect of the project, how many men it took to built it, what it is made of, how tall and heavy the structure is, what it represents and symbolizes to the people of Paris, France.

Interesting Eiffel Tower Facts for Kids:- Our printable fact sheet about the Eiffel Tower provides important information and facts for school kids and teachers. Our list of fun facts about the Eiffel Tower offers ideal homework help or a useful information guide to this global monument whose lattice design is identifiable throughout the world. Did you know that the Eiffel Tower is painted every seven years? Did you know that it takes 18 months to paint the structure? Did you know that the Eiffel Tower was officially the tallest building in the world for 41 years?

Interesting Eiffel Tower Facts for Kids:- Our free list of Interesting Eiffel Tower Facts for Kids is easy to print and includes important facts and information about the Eiffel Tower including its original purpose and history, its size and dimensions, how many metal pieces were used in its construction, how old the Eiffel Tower is and how long it took to build.

Interesting Eiffel Tower Facts for Kids

Eiffel Tower Fact File for Kids:- Construction Date Facts (completion date): May 6, 1889 *** Official Name Facts: The name of the Eiffel Tower derives from the French engineer Gustave Eiffel *** Nickname: The Eiffel Tower is nicknamed the Iron Lady (La dame de fer in French) *** Location Facts: The Eiffel Tower is located on Champ de Mars, 5 Avenue Anatole, France, 75007, Paris, France *** Height Facts: The height of the Eiffel Tower is 324 meters tall *** Design Facts: The designer of the Eiffel Tower was Gustave Eiffel *** Stories: The Eiffel Tower has three levels

Interesting Facts for Kids 1:- What does the Eiffel Tower look like?
The Eiffel Tower is one of the most recognizable structures in the world. Constructed from wrought iron, this international icon towers above the French capital city of Paris. The Eiffel Tower has a simple yet impressive lattice design, its structure begins with a wide square base on the ground, measuring 125 meters on each side and gradually narrows off towards the top. The square base consists of four pillars which support the structure of the Eiffel Tower.

Interesting Facts for Kids 2:- What is the address of the Eiffel Tower?
The Eiffel Tower is located in the Parc du Champs de Mar in the capital city of France. The full address and postcode of this famous landmark is: Champ de Mars, 5 Avenue Anatole, France, 75007, Paris, France. The phone number of the Eiffel Tower is +33 892 70 12 39 and the closest stations include Bir-Hakeim and Champ de Mars-Tour Eiffel.

Interesting Facts for Kids 3:- What is the history of the Eiffel Tower?
The incredible history of the Eiffel Tower dates back to the late 19th Century when the famous French designer, Gustave Eiffel, was asked to design a structure that would be situated on the old military training grounds of Paris to provide a gateway to the Exposition Universelle of 1889. It took over 2 years to build and it was officially opened on May 6, 1889. The Eiffel Tower was only supposed to stand for 20 years, it was never meant to become a permanent fixture. However, the much loved statue brought tourism and elegance to city of Paris, and has since become a international icon.

Interesting Facts for Kids 4:- Why was the Eiffel Tower built?
One of the interesting facts about the Eiffel Tower is the original purpose that it was built. The purpose of the Eiffel Tower was to provide a grand entrance to the Exposition Universelle World's Fair of 1889. The Exposition Universelle can be described as a world's fair that was held in Paris from May 6, 1889 to October 31, 1889 to mark the 100th anniversary of the Prise de la Bastille (storming of the Bastille); an historic event that symbolized the start of the French Revolution.

Interesting Facts for Kids 5:- When was the Eiffel Tower built?
Construction of the Eiffel Tower began in 1887 and took 2 years, 2 months and 5 days until its completion in 1889. It took 121 men to build the lattice frame of the structure which required 2.5 million rivets. The lattice frame was built using 18,038 wrought iron pieces.

Interesting Facts for Kids 6:- How tall is the Eiffel Tower?
The Eiffel Tower is a huge global landmark that can be seen from a distance empowering the city of Paris. The overall height of the structure is 324 meters (1,063 ft). The height of the structure can be affected by temperature which causes thermal expansion of the structure's metal design.  The top of the Eiffel Tower can move away from the sun by up to 7 inches (18cms)!

Interesting Facts for Kids 7:- How many steps are there in the Eiffel Tower?
There are more than 600 steps to the second floor of the Eiffel Tower. There are steps leading from the second to third level, where the top level platform is situated, however, the steps are not usually accessible and elevators are used to transport tourists to the top to experience breathtaking views of Paris.  

Interesting Facts for Kids 8:- What is the Eiffel Tower made of?
The Eiffel Tower is an awesome structure made from wrought iron. It took 100 ironworkers to produce 18,038 pieces of lattice which were used to construct the frame of the Eiffel Tower.

Interesting Facts for Kids 9:- Does the Eiffel Tower rust?
The Eiffel Tower is exposed to high winds, rain, sometimes harsh weather conditions, and cold to hot temperatures during the year which can cause weathering. It is protected from oxidation using several coats of specialized paint which prevent it from rusting. It takes approximately 18 months to coat the huge wrought iron structure with 50 to 60 tonnes of paint. When it was first completed in 1889, the first coat of paint was applied to the entire monument. Paint is reapplied to the structure every 7 years to prevent it from weathering, during this time, the Eiffel Tower remains open to the public.

Interesting Facts for Kids 10:- How much does the Eiffel Tower weigh?
Weight Facts: The wrought iron of the structure weighs approximately 7,300 tonnes and the total weight of the Eiffel Tower, including non-metal components, is approximately 10,100 tonnes. 

Interesting Facts for Kids 11:-  When was the Eiffel Tower officially opened?
The Eiffel Tower was first opened on May 6, 1889, it wasn't immediately welcomed by everyone in France, many Parisians believed the structure to be nothing more than an eyesore. However, the statue soon began to win the hearts of many when it proved so popular. It also provided excellent communications after it was fitted with a broadcast antenna!  Over the years, it has become a famous monument throughout the globe.

Interesting Facts for Kids 12:-  Who designed the Eiffel Tower?
The Eiffel Tower was designed and built by the company of Gustave Eiffel, the Compagnie des Établissements Eiffel. The name of the tower derives from the French civil engineer and architect, Gustave Eiffel, who is famous for his contributions to the design of the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty in New York. He hired Maurice Koechlin and Émile Nouguier to assist him with the design and construction of the Eiffel Tower. Maurice Koechlin was a Swiss structural engineer and Émile Nouguier was a French civil engineer. Their design ideas incorporated the structure's ability to withstand high winds and were based on carefully laid out plans and mathematical calculations to ensure both safety and resistance. After careful consideration, the engineers co-designed a structure that would later become one of the most famous landmarks in the world.

Interesting Facts for Kids 13:-  Eiffel Tower Architect
Gustave Eiffel's chief engineers, Maurice Koechlin and Émile Nouguier, took their design ideas to leading French architect, Stephen Sauvestre. He contributed to the design of the Eiffel Tower with the addition of decorative arches which are evident on the base of the structure. He added a number of attractive design features including a glass pavilion to the 1st floor.

Interesting Facts for Kids 14:- Whose names are engraved on the Eiffel Tower?
There are 72 names engraved on the structure of the Eiffel Tower. The names were engraved by the tower's designer, Gustave Eiffel, and belong to important contributors including engineers, scientists and mathematicians. 

Interesting Facts for Kids 15:- When does the Eiffel Tower light up (sparkle time)?
The Eiffel Tower is lit up with beautiful colors at night, the lights are generally switched on from sunset to the early hours of the morning and illuminate this incredible monument. There is a lighthouse on the top of the Eiffel Tower that emits pretty light beams at night. Sparkle time occurs during a show of glimmering, cascading lights which lasts for approximately 10 minutes every hour.

Interesting Facts for Kids 16:-  What color is the Eiffel Tower?
The Eiffel Tower is kept up to date with the latest Parisian styles and trends. It receives a different color each time it is repainted by a team of 25 painters approximately every 7 years. In 2013, the Eiffel Tower was painted bronze (mid-brown), in previous years, it has taken on many different appearances, the structure began its life as a red-brown color and has since been changed to yellow, brown, and bronze.

Interesting Facts for Kids 17:- Is the Eiffel Tower the tallest building in the world?
The Eiffel Tower is no longer the tallest building in the world, but it used to be. It held the title of the world's tallest building from 1889 to 1931, for more than forty years, until the completion of the Chrysler Building in New York.

Interesting Facts for Kids 18:-  How many tourists visit the Eiffel Tower each year?
The Eiffel Tower is the biggest tourist attraction in France, and it also receives more paid visitors compared to any other monument in the world. The incredible puddled iron structure attracts millions of tourists every year from countries worldwide. In 2012, the Eiffel Tower attracted more than 6 million tourists. The iconic monument has received more than 250 million visitors in total since it officially opened in 1889. If you would like to visit the Eiffel Tower, you can purchase tickets online to save time queuing.

Interesting Facts for Kids 19:-  How many stories does the Eiffel Tower have?
The Eiffel Tower is composed of three levels, the first two levels offer restaurants serving excellent food to tourists. The third level is situated at 276 meters above the ground and incorporates the viewing platform where visitors can experience amazing views across the city of Paris. 

Interesting Facts for Kids 20:-  What is it like to experience the Eiffel Tower at night?
The Eiffel Tower is brought to life at night, it really is a spectacular experience not to be missed! The beautiful structure illuminates across the city with an array of lights from sunset until the early hours. Every hour sees a stunning light experience known as sparkle time. The light show is held every hour at night and lasts for around 10 minutes. During this incredible experience, tourists can experience a show of glimmering, cascading lights.

Interesting Eiffel Tower Facts for Kids

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