Desertification can be defined as the process by by which fertile land becomes desert and it is a problem that is affecting millions of square kilometers of land across the world. One of the major causes of desertification is human activity, largely deforestation, overgrazing and the reduction of water sources.

Our printable fact sheets are ideal for school kids and teachers, and may be used teach kids important facts about Desertification including why it desertification is occurring, where desertification is happening, how desertification can be prevented. We offer key information and interesting facts about the importance of stopping desertification across the world. Desertification has become a large global ecological and environment problem in the recent past.

Interesting Desertification Facts for Kids:- Factsmania's printable facts sheet is informative and provides important facts and information about the process of desertification for kids. Find out which countries are most affected by desertification and what plans they are putting in place to slow the process down. Did you know that one of the most affected areas in the world is the Sahara Desert which is quickly expanding? Did you know that the term 'desertification' can be defined as when a dry patch of land becomes waterless with the passage of time and loses its vegetation?

Interesting Desertification Facts for Kids:- Our free list of Interesting Desertification Facts for Kids can be printed for free and includes important facts and information about the process of desertification including the definition, effects, causes, impacts and possible solutions.

Interesting Desertification Facts for Kids

Interesting Facts for Kids 1:- Definition of desertification
The meaning of the term 'desertification' can be described as follows: When a dry patch of land becomes waterless with the passage of time and loses its vegetation. Among several factors, human activities and climatic variations are key elements for creating desertification conditions in any area. Desertification has become a large global ecological and environment problem in the recent past.

Interesting Facts for Kids 2:- Where is desertification occurring?
If the whole land surface of the Earth is evaluated, about 40 percent of the dry land area is a shelter provider to a population of more than 2 billion people. Out of the dry land area, approximately 10 to 20 percent is already degraded. It is believed that between 6 to 12 million square kilometers of land is affected by the process of desertification. Out of the total population of the Earth, about 1 to 2 percent is living in affected area. An evaluation of 1998 showed that the Sahara Desert was expanding in the south direction.

Interesting Facts for Kids 3:- Why is desertification a problem?
Most of the world's deserts have been formed by the natural process of interaction over time. The study of the historical evolution of earth shows that over time deserts have both formed and shrunk entirely independent of human activities. However, nowadays this is happening due to the direct involvement of human activity.

Desertification is considered a problem for this world because human activities are now contributing towards the changing climatic conditions resulting in the conversion of vast areas into desert. Presently, there is the greatest threat to the regions of Mesopotamian Valley, Mediterranean area and the Plateau of China.

Interesting Facts for Kids 4:- Causes of Desertification
The most probable cause of desertification is the loss of vegetation. It is also indirectly linked to the lack of rainfall and rise in temperature. Furthermore, persistent droughts and recurring famines have contributed to further loss of vegetation. If this loss continues in a particular area, then it may result in the desertification of that area. Moreover, uncontrolled grazing activities are also a cause of desertification. Other leading causes of desertification are a high rate of tillage of soil for agriculture, overgrazing and deforestation.

Interesting Facts for Kids 5:- How does deforestation lead to desertification?
Deforestation refers to the clearing or removal of the forests and trees from a particular area. As a result, the land is converted to useless land. The primary example of desertification is the conversion of forests into farms or ranches for the purpose of urban usage. Most of the deforestation is occurring in the tropical rainforests. Presently, about 30 percent of the earth's surface is covered by forests, but this rate is rapidly declining. Specifically, in the temperate regions, there is a lot of disturbance in term of deforestation that the regeneration of forests is not possible.

Interesting Facts for Kids 6:- Effects and consequences of desertification
When desertification occurs in an area, it results in the progression of the landscape to pass through different stages. This results in the transformation of the landscape into various stages and patterns. When desertification occurs on sloped terrain, it can lead to the creation of empty spaces. In this regard, a model was also given by C. Klausmeier according to which he has described this pattern regarding the plant and water balance. If the balance is disturbed, it can be the first step towards desertification. Therefore looking after and maintaining the plant water interaction is critical to avoid the onset of the process of desertification.

Interesting Facts for Kids 7:-Desertification in China
Desertification in China is increasing day by day, and the government is trying hard to decrease or stop it, but there are many other political factors involved in the situation. The areas of Tibet and Xinjiang of China up to the Russian border are consisting of the complete desert. This area is increasing further due to human activity thereby giving an example of desertification.

The Gobi Desert is growing at a rapid rate due to desertification and China has to plan quickly and carefully to prevent further loss. Areas of grassland are disappearing fast in southern regions of the Gobi as the desert land continues to expand. One of the main causes of rapid desertification in this part of China is in fact human activity, in particular overgrazing, deforestation and the reduction of water sources. China is trying hard to prevent further expansion of the Gobi Desert, they are considering planting a ring of forest area known as the 'Green Wall of China' to create a barrier in hope that the new forest area will slow down desertification. As well as forming a barrier, the Green Wall of China should help to retain moisture levels and stabilize the soil.

Interesting Facts for Kids 8:-Desertification in the Sahel
Land covers about 40 percent of the total surface of the earth which makes about 15 billion hectares. According to research conducted by the United Nations Environmental Program, out of the total dry land mass, there is an area of about 6 billion hectares which consists of hyper-arid desert land. Remaining dry land is composed of the area which is threatened by desertification. The desert is a stable environment in itself composed of massive sand dunes, extremely arid environment, scarcity of rainfall and elevated temperatures. Sahel is the area of land which is increasing in area, and the loss of vegetation is also increasing day by day. It occupies the African area of the Sahara desert which is expanding further towards some parts of Libya.

Interesting Facts for Kids 9:- Desertification solutions
There are some techniques which can reverse the effects of desertification. But when it comes to the implementation of these techniques, there are many barriers and hurdles. The most important hurdle to overcome is the cost of adoption of certain agricultural practices which are necessary for the reclamation of land. In fact, the expenses are far more as compared to the income for an ordinary individual farmer. Another significant barrier is the political involvement which shows a lack of will to adopt such methods. That is why we often find less support as far as it is concerned with the implementation of the anti-desertification programs.
Another major solution which is also workable to small extents is reforestation. There are many different environment-friendly organizations which are working to increase awareness among people regarding the plantation of trees and its benefits.

Interesting Facts for Kids 10:-  How to prevent desertification
There are two major aspects which focus on the technique of desertification. These are fixation and hyper fertilization of soil. To carry out the fixation of soil, shelter belts and windbreaks are used. It helps with reduction of soil erosion and transpiration. Further trenching is also adopted by making 1-meter deep soil. It helps in the prevention of water from flowing in the trenches which can cause erosion.

Interesting Facts for Kids 11:- Desertification unusual facts
There are certain unusual facts about desertification. These are as follows:
Almost one-sixth of the world’s population is being affected by desertification.
The process of desertification is occurring in around 70 percent of the present dry land mass.
Desertification for mass migration in the developing world.
As an after effect of desertification, our planet loses about 24 billion tons of fertile topsoil due to desertification and erosion.

Interesting Desertification Facts for Kids

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