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Comoros is a country located in East Africa in the Indian Ocean. It is one of the smallest island nations and countries on the continent of Africa where it occupies approximately 2,034 sq km (785 sq mi) of land. The estimated total population of Comoros is over 800,000 people.

Find out interesting Comoros facts and information about this East African country with our fact file for kids. Explore important facts about the total population, continent, location, size, official language, main religion, people, history, culture, geography, vegetation and landscape of Comoros.

Explore Africa with our interesting country facts for kids based on questions such as: What continent are the islands of Comoros in? What is the population of the Comoros Islands? What famous landmarks are there in Comoros? What are the major cities of Comoros? What is the climate like in Comoros? What are the Comoros Islands famous for?

Comoros Fact File: Continent: Africa *** Country Name(s): Union of the Comoros, Udzima wa Komori, Masiwa (the islands) *** Location: East Africa *** Bordering Countries: Cameroon, Central African Republic, Libya, Niger, Nigeria and Sudan *** Capital City: Moroni *** Size: 2,034 sq km (785 sq mi) *** Estimated Population: over 800,000 *** Currency: Comorian franc (KMF) *** Language(s): Arabic, French and Comorian *** Country Code for Comoros: +269 *** Largest Cities / Towns: Moroni, Moutsamoudou, Fomboni, Domoni, Sima, Ouani, Mirontsi, Mkiriwadjumoi, Koni-Djodjo and Moya *** Geography of Comoros: Lac sale hot sprints, Mount Karthala and volcano, Nkozini, Ntingui and Dziankoudre Waterfalls, Moheli Marine Park, Saziley National Park, mountains, volcanic areas, forests, swamps and coastal areas *** Famous Landmarks of Comoros: Badjanani Mosque, Karthala volcano, Grand Mosque de Vendredi and Sultan's Palace

Interesting Comoros Facts for Kids

Interesting Facts for Kids 1: Where is Comoros located?
Comoros is located on the continent of Africa. It is situated in East Africa, in the Indian Ocean and the names of its border countries are Cameroon, Central African Republic, Libya, Niger, Nigeria and Sudan.

Interesting Facts for Kids 2: Comoros population and size
Comoros is a country formed by islands in East Africa. The total area size of the islands is 2,034 sq km (785 sq mi). It is thought that this African country has a population of in excess of 800,000 inhabitants with the most populous region of the Comoros by far being the capital city of Moroni which is located on the island of Grande Comore. The names of the largest islands are Grande Comore (Njazidja), Moheli (Mwali), Anjouan (Nzwani), and Mayotte (Mahore).

Interesting Facts for Kids 3: The capital of Comoros
The capital city of Comoros is Moroni which is positioned in the west of the country. Moroni is the most inhabited city in Comoros and has an estimated population of 60,200 . The region is known for being an historical site of interest. There are numerous notable landmarks in the capital city of this island country including the the Historic Medina, Badjanani Mosque, Karthala volcano, Literary Museum, and Port. Moroni is a city steeped in history. It has an old town known as the Medina which composes of narrow footpaths and historical buildings. The oldest mosque of Moroni is located in the Medina and it is called the Badjanani Mosque. The history of the Badjanani Mosque dates back to 1427 when it was originally built.

Interesting Facts for Kids 4: Comoros major cities
There are a number of major cities in the Comoros Islands, the names of the largest and most important cities and towns include the country’s capital Moroni, and Moutsamoudou, Fomboni, Domoni, Sima, Ouani, Mirontsi, Mkiriwadjumoi, Koni-Djodjo and Moya. The second largest and most populated city in the Comoros is called Mutsamudu. The medina is a historical district of Mutsamudu that dates back to the 15th century. An ancient citadel was built in 1860 to defend the city from pirates. Today, Mutsamuda comprises of narrow streets and shops, and it accommodates the only deep water port of the Comoros.

Interesting Facts for Kids 5: Comoros flag facts
The national flag of Comoros, whose design composes of five colors, came into use on January 7, 2001, and is identified by having four horizontal bands, equal in size, that run the colors of yellow, white, read and blue from top to bottom. A green triangle is positioned on the left side of flag, incorporating a white crescent with four white stars. The Comorian flag is representative of the islands belonging to the Comoros. The four stars and the four colorful bands symbolize the four main islands. Yellow represents Moheli, white relates to Mayotte, red symbolizes Anjouan, and blue stands for the largest island of Grande Comore. The main religion of the Comoros is Islam, and this is represented by the crescent and stars which feature prominently on the National Flag.

Interesting Facts for Kids 6: Language of Comoros
The official languages of the Comoros are French, Arabic and Comorian (Shikomore) which is a Bantu language. The majority of the population speak Comorian, although dialects vary across the four main islands of Grande Comore, Moheli, Anjouan, and Mayotte.

Interesting Facts for Kids 7: Comoros climate facts
The climate conditions of Comoros can be described as mild and tropical. The islands experience two main seasons; a rainy season which is hot and wet, and occurs from December to April, and a cool, dry season which lasts from May to November. The hottest month is March when temperatures average at 29 to 30 degrees Celsius. The cooler months experience average temperatures of around 19 degrees Celsius.

Interesting Facts for Kids 8: Comoros geography facts
The geography of the Comoros varies from island to island. This country comprises of beautiful beaches, marine areas, lush forests, natural parks, swamps, plateau, mountains and volcanoes. Grande Comore is the biggest island and its landscape features mountains, two volcanoes, rain forests and beaches. The soil can be described as thin on this island. Anjouan has three mountain regions and a coral reef. The condition of the soil is better here than on Grande Comore. The geography of the smallest island of Moheli comprises of a mountainous region, rainforest and coastal regions. Mayotte is the oldest island in the Comoros, it composes of volcanic rock, coastal regions and coral reefs. The soil is richer in certain areas of Mayotte than most of the other islands.

Interesting Facts for Kids 9: Comoros famous landmarks
There are many points of interest in Comoros, including important landmarks, monuments and buildings such as the Badjanani Mosque, Karthala volcano, Grand Mosque de Vendredi and Sultan's Palace.

Interesting Facts for Kids 10: What is Comoros famous for?
Comoros is famous for being part of a series of volcanic islands located in the Mozambique Channel in the warm Indian Ocean. Tourism is low here due to political disagreements which is a pity as the islands would otherwise make ideal tourist destinations as they comprise of stunning beaches, incredible marine life and lush vegetation.

Interesting Facts for Kids 11: Comoros culture facts
The main religion of the Comoros, Islam, features prominently throughout the lives of people living on the islands. Islam has a strong influence on both the culture and traditions of the islands' inhabitants. Music features heavily among the islands and Zanzibar's taarab music is favored by many. The people of the Comoros have their own version called twarab. Some of the most popular types of instruments played in this part of east Africa include the violin, drums, and oud which can be described as a lute/mandolin type string instrument with a short neck and pear shaped body.

Interesting Facts for Kids 12: Karthala Volcano Facts
The capital city of Moroni is located on the largest island of Comoros. The city is home to an active volcano known as Karthala Volcano; it has erupted numerous times in the past. Mount Karthala is 2,361m above sea level making it the highest point of Comoros. The area is very popular with hikers when the volcano lies dormant.

Interesting Facts for Kids 13: Religion
Religion is very important to many people living on the Comoros Islands. The majority of the population belong to the religion of Islam. Followers of the Islamic religion worship Allah. In the English language, the word Allah refers to God in Islam. People belonging to the religion of Islam believe in one god.

Interesting Comoros Facts for Kids

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